Image Credits and Copyright Information

Images at were created with clip art and photography from the following image collections. Where stated, you may make only hard (paper, nonelectronic) copies of material on this Web site. Electronic copies of images may not be downloaded or copied unless otherwise stated (e.g. a photograph or diagram that I have created).

If you want to use the image components, please buy the software from the above companies. Not only will this avoid legal problems, the results will be far more satisfying; most of the images in this domain are compressed and smoothed .jpg images, both to save space and to discourage downloading as a substitute for purchase. Discounts from retail prices may be available from the Computer Discount Warehouse

My material (text):

"Fair use" reproduction is permitted as long as no changes are made and proper credit is given (William A. Levinson). Where indicated, unlimited royalty-free use is permitted as long as no changes are made, and proper credit is given.